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HRK 1206C

• Support software upgrading through USB.
• 6 heads Tubular embroidery machine (Drop down table machine)
• 12 needle
• Maximum embroidery area of 400 x 450 mm.
• Ability to embroidery smooth fabric, cap, bags, shoes and all types of garments
• Automatic color changing system
270 degree cap embroidery system, which can quickly change cap embroidery frames
• High quality rotary hook
• Noise reduction feed mechanism when embroidery
• Automatic top and bottom thread trimmers
• Auto thread breaking detection
• Maximum speed: 1000 spm.
• High quality TFT LCD 12 inches display touch-screen
• Ability to download the design while sewing (special feature for Hooray product only)
• Import the design with 2xUSB 2.0 port
• Language support: English, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Arabic
• Lage Internal Memory can support 16 million stitches or 400 design
• Easy and convenience to save starting point
• Automatic frame-checking for correcting area of embroidery.
• A function to remove small stitches (0.1-0.5mm.) to decrease the thread sheared problems.
• Support software upgrading through USB
• On-screen making and modifying character design system
• On-screen modifying the design system
• When the thread sheared, machine can move frame to a specific position, easy for very large pattern, such as 1,200 mm size.


Dimensions L3300 x W1300 x H1870 mm
Embroidery area 400 x 450 mm
Top speed 1000 rpm
Monitor TFT LCD 12 inches / Touch-screen
Head 6
Needle 12
Weight 750 kg
Electrical 220V  /  1,000W