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BF-1500 Pro

Hooray Newest single head cap embroidery machine with high-end embroidery. it adopts an all-aluminium hook base, whice is formed in one price. With more stable machine quality, installation and maintenance are more convenient. it a dopts an ultra-small arc-shaped hook base. Compared with the hook base in the traditional market, hooray independent research and development The hook base has higer precision and better embroidery on special fabrices such as hats, thick materials, leather, etc. The optional independent electronic presser foot can reduce the shake of the fabric during the embroidery process and keep the fabric flat, thereby making more exquisite embroidery

  • Embroidery area : 400×600 mm
  • New Special design of the machine hook base, with ARC-shape, smaller volume, width 42 cm, height 45cm
  • Integrated casting of needle plate
  • All aluminium hook base, easy to install and maintain
  • Unique acrylic platform
  • The cap driver guide rail is integrated with the hook base.
  • All aluminium machine body
  • Independent electronic presser foot
  • Without thread holder, eith more srable trimmer.
Model BF-1500 Pro
Head 1
Needles 15
Embroidery Area 400×600 mm.
Max. Speed 1200 SPM
Computer F15 Pro